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Online cash loans -Apply for a quick cash loan online with us

The online loan is one of the consumer loans and is a relatively new type of loan. Thanks to the favorable conditions and the simple application, it quickly became very popular. The direct banks were the first to offer such a loan. Nowadays, almost every German branch bank also offers an online loan.

Apply for a quick cash loan online with us

Quick cash loans online from the Green-Touch homepage offer customers a variety of advantages. The advantages of quick cash loans online at a glance are:

  • Easy application,
  • Fast and unbureaucratic loan processing,
  • The fixed interest rate over the entire loan term,
  • Consistent monthly installments,
  • loan duration adapted to personal needs,
  • Flexible loan amount or loan amount,
  • Protection via residual debt insurance possible.

If you are looking for a cheap loan, we recommend that you take a closer look at the online loan. You can submit an application at any time and you will also receive a non-binding offer in just a few hours (minutes). In order to be able to find the best offers and providers in the shortest possible time, you should always make a »free loan comparison before you apply.

You can make the comparison at any time from home and it generally only takes a few minutes to find the cheapest offers. If you want to apply for and receive a cheap online loan in Germany, you have to meet a few requirements. Most providers include the following:

  • To be of legal age
  • Be an employee,
  • Have been with the current employer for at least 6 months,
  • Have no negative entries at SCHUFA,
  • Permanent residence in Germany.

However, the conditions can vary (slightly) from one provider to another. The exact conditions can be found on the general terms and conditions page of the respective provider. If you meet these requirements, your documents still have to be checked and the credit contract can be concluded after a positive credit check. At most German credit institutions, the following documents are required for lending:

  • Loan application
  • ID card,
  • Proof of income,
  • Schufa information,
  • Self-disclosure from you.

If your documents correspond in every respect

Nothing stands in the way of the conclusion of the loan contract and shortly afterward the loan amount can also be paid out. The payment is made in one sum by bank transfer, cash payment or by post. The repayment of the online loan takes place in constant monthly loan installments.

The credit installments consist of a repayment component and an interest component. At the beginning of the loan term, the interest component is always higher and will decrease over time. The repayment share, on the other hand, behaves completely differently, is low at the beginning and increases with the term.

The online loan,

Like most consumer loans, it can be secured cheaply with residual debt insurance or residual credit insurance. So you can be sure that you can repay your loan even in difficult times. With this type of loan, you can adapt the conditions to your personal financial capacity. If you cannot bear a high monthly charge, a longer loan term is the best option for you.

In this case, the total amount will be higher, but you can easily repay your loan. If you would like to be debt-free sooner, you can choose a shorter term. In this case, your monthly charge will be much higher, but you will quickly become debt-free and you will also have to pay less interest on your loan. Make a free comparison today and convince yourself of the advantages of online credit.

How To Find The Best Personal Payday Loan

Personal payday loans represent help for those who have a project to carry out, but not resources. With the new year, many banks and financial companies have enriched their proposal with loans designed to better respond to the needs of consumers. And although it is not possible to identify the best personal payday loan ever, we have selected some particularly attractive financing solutions.

First on all Compass loans, especially Excellent Loan.

First on all Compass loans, especially Excellent Loan.

The loan allows you to obtain up to 30 thousand dollars with disbursement in a very short time. The beneficiary has the possibility to choose the combination of amount and duration that best suits his needs.

Total Flex is the most suitable Compass loan for those who want to change the conditions of the repayment plan during the amortization. Also in this case, the maximum amount payable is 30 thousand dollars. The beneficiary has the option to skip the payment of one or more amortization installments.

And in case of need, the beneficiary has the right to extend the repayment plan. Consolidation loan is the Compass loan dedicated to debt consolidation. It allows you to group the loans in progress into a single credit line, in order to pay a single installment of amortization, sustainable for the family budget.

Better personal payday loan: Living Finance and Life Financing offers

Better personal loan: Living Finance and Life Financing offers

Living Finance is another option to evaluate if you are looking for the best personal payday loan of 2020. It grants loans of up to 30 thousand dollars to be repaid with a flexible repayment plan, which provides for the possibility of skipping and modifying the amount of the installment. The disbursement takes place quickly and the request can be made directly online.

As for the conditions, at the moment against a loan request of 10 thousand dollars to be repaid in 84 months, the monthly installment is 145 dollars. Tan and APR are fixed at 5.87% and 6.46% respectively. Finally, we find the Life Financing loans. The online financial note provides loans at advantageous conditions to deal with expenses of various kinds: from the best personal payday loan for the purchase of the car to those for debt consolidation.

For personal payday loans, the maximum amount payable is 60 thousand dollars.

money loan

The amortization schedule is flexible and can extend for a maximum of 10 years. Turning to the conditions, for a loan of 14 thousand dollars to be repaid in 96 months, the monthly installment is 189 dollars. The Tan is fixed at 6.73% and the APR is 6.94%.

Deposit Loans – Here Are Your Options!



Have you finally got a home or apartment in place but are missing some money so you can afford the expensive deposit deposit? Then you can consider taking out a deposit loan. Read more here on how to get a loan in place.

Where can you borrow for your deposit?

Where can you borrow for your deposit?

There are several ways you can borrow for a deposit, and it is a good idea to look into what options are available before deciding to borrow. Here you can see some of the options you have.

Bank loan for deposit

Bank loan for deposit

The first option that most people will think of is to go to the bank and inquire about the possibilities of a loan. The bank will then make a credit assessment of you to see if it makes sense based on your financial situation. You will therefore find that you must present documentation in the form of payroll and annual statements or other miscellaneous papers. This process may take longer as you need to know the creditworthiness of the bank before the loan can be taken.

The advantage here is that the bank sees your situation and can advise you if it is the right choice. Also, the bank will typically be able to offer some interest rates that are better for the loans you can find online. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to provide collateral to the bank, as opposed to, for example, an online loan.

Online loan for deposit

Online loan for deposit

Another option is that you go around the bank and take out a loan online. How much you can borrow will vary greatly depending on which loan provider you choose, but you can typically borrow between USD 100 and 350,000, so you are sure to be able to borrow enough money for the deposit. Depending on how much you borrow, the installment time will also vary.

You can borrow small amounts of 6,000, so-called quick loans  or consumer loans payable in one month, or borrow even larger amounts that can have a maturity of 15 years. The advantage here is that you can borrow quickly and easily and without having to provide collateral. However, there are certain requirements that you must meet before the loan can be approved. For example, you must not be admitted to RKI and in addition there may be age and income requirements.

Here you can get a quick overview of different loan providers by filling our loan calculator with the desired loan amount and maturity. Here you can see how much you can borrow from the individual and what requirements they make before you can be approved as a borrower.

Deposit loan from the municipality

Deposit loan from the municipality

A third option is to apply for a loan from the municipality. It is a support given to those who are unable to pay the deposit. However, you must meet certain requirements before the loan can be approved.

There are requirements such that the home must have an independent kitchen and the rent may not amount to more than half of your annual income. Your financial situation will also be taken into account here. You can also read more about deposit loans here.

Good advice for a good loan – even when it is for a deposit

Good advice for a good loan - even when it is for a deposit

There are several things to keep in mind when you want to secure a good loan that will not be too expensive for you. Look for the following:


Here you are dealing with an expression that represents the annual cost percentage, and therefore your indicator of what the loan will cost you annually in costs. Therefore, it is a good comparison factor to consider when assessing the various loans.

Loan Period

How long maturity you choose will have an impact on how much you have to pay per month, so keep this in mind too. It is good to get a loan paid off quickly, but it must also fit with your finances.